I turned 33 this week and just for fun, here are 33 things you may or may not know about me and my 33 years on this earth:

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1. I loved being a kid! If I could go back to any age, it would be elementary school
2. I have 3 sisters
3. I've spent every holiday of my whole life with my moms entire side of the family
4. In 6th grade I was class president, played Mrs. Cratchit in the Christmas play and sang a solo a cappella for the school talent show. I became self conscience & insecure in 7th grade { sad }
5. I had my 1st crush in 2nd grade to a boy in my class named Julian Swartz { the local basketball phenom }. I developed my 2nd crush in 4th grade to a boy named Ken Seelow { we've been married for 10 years now }
6. I never attended one school dance. My junior year I was voted prom queen but my good friend who was class president & head of prom committee told them to take my name off the list since she knew I didn't attend dances...{ smile }
7. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 17 1/2 just because I didn't want to
8. My favorite high school teachers were Mr. Carpenter, my choir teacher, who taught us much more than just music for 4 years and my Chemistry teacher Mrs. D'Antuono who helped me realize my love for science & chemistry
9. I got kicked out of college...twice...for poor grades
10. I switched my major from Chemistry to Accounting when science became too much of a spiritual conflict in my heart 
11. I attended public school my whole life
12. In 9th grade I gave a speech on God in my English class, 10th grade I gave the salvation message, 11th grade I did my speech on the infilling of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues & my lucky 12th grade classmates got to hear all about the rapture & Jesus second coming!

13. I took piano lessons growing up, my skill is limited { smile }

14. My first job was at ValuCare Pharmacy

15. I have a degree in accounting

16. I'm a terrible speller

17. My last job before becoming a stay at home mom was in accounts at the Medical College of WI in the Pediatric Department. { I had the best boss in the entire world, shout out to Becky! }
18. Took our 1st family vacation when I was 12 to Walt Disney World where we drove 3 in the front & 3 in the back of the family station wagon
19. My husband is my best friend
20. I worked in junior high ministry at church for years before starting women's ministry. I am still partial to a junior high student and all the potential & molding that takes place during those years.
21. Academically, I was number 23 in my class of 359 on graduation day
22. I have a 5 year old son, a 3 1/2 year old daughter & one on the way. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest best job ever!
23. Given a choice between meeting Beth Moore or Pastor Steven Furtick, I would pick Pastor Steven. I know, right?! Gasp!
24. Easter is becoming my favorite holiday
25. Top 3 places I want to visit in my lifetime: New York City, Elevation Church, Washington DC
26. Even though being in my thirties feels old to me, my 20s could be described as a messy blur of growing up.
27. I feel most at home at a women's conference
28. I'm notorious for regretting my fashion decisions after seeing them even a day later in a photograph
29. My families nick name for me is "the mouth"
 30. I am terribly afraid of flying
31. I hate mushrooms & seafood
32. Kelly means warrior woman. I always hated it as a kid but as I've gotten older, it suits me. Not because I think I'm tough but because I honestly enjoy being in the spiritual trenches.
33. I love planning, organizing and putting on events with themes and purpose!

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