Making Jesus Famous

Have you ever been asked that all-telling-about-you-and-your-personality question, "If you could meet someone famous dead or alive, who would you choose?"  What were your answers? A movie star, a musician, a history maker?  Anyone ever say immediately, Jesus Christ, like there was no other obvious answer?  Yeah me neither.  I pretty much hate that about myself. 
To me, famous equals movie stars.  I wasted so many years in my 20's reading, studying, and probably salivating over movie stars lives; Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, etc. { remember I'm talking like 7-10 years ago }  You could ask me about almost any movie star and I could give you the 411.  Thankfully, about 7 years ago the Lord convicted me about it, set me free  and completely broke that bondage in my life.  I now watch the Oscars and have no idea what any one's name is { smile }.
I want my answer to be Jesus.  One of { t w i r l }'s tag lines is: Making Jesus Famous in the Hearts of Women.  That is my desire, to make Jesus "famous" in my life and in yours.

I think one of the reason's we don't automatically think to say Jesus when asked about a famous person { and if you do, HUGE kudos to you } is because we don't consider Him famous.  Now hear me on this.  I spend time with Jesus everyday.  He knows everything about me and still loves me and I have fallen madly in love with Him.  So to me answering Jesus to the famous person question would be like answering my husband or my mother.  I LOVE these people but do I consider them to be famous?


1. having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated
2. Informal. first-rate; excellent: The singer gave a famous performance. 
3. notorious
Okay, so after looking at the definition of famous, I can't think of anyone more renowned, excellent & notorious than Jesus Christ.  He deserves to be famous.  His brutal death on the cross & resurrection from the dead should make Him the most famous person who ever walked the planet.
So I think we have established that Jesus fits and deserves the description of famous.  Now why is it my mission to make Him famous in my heart and yours?  When we consider someone famous, we tend to think about that person, research that person, idolize that person, want to become like that person.  Like I said, I wasted years with a media addiction.  During that time, who was I giving more of my time and thoughts too, Hollywood or Jesus? 
I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with following what's going on with your favorite movie star.  I just was held in bondage to it.  I developed a huge insecurity problem.  I listened and believed the world when it shouted, "You're not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, popular enough."  But when the bondage was broken and Jesus once again had a clear path to my heart I began to hear, "You are enough, you're Mine, you're valuable, you're beautiful, you're special and you have purpose on this earth that no one else can fulfill."
I want Jesus to stay number number one.  I want Him to infiltrate my thoughts and my heart.  I want to want to be like Him.  If there was ever someone to emulate, it would be Him.  When Jesus becomes famous in your heart, it changes everything!

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